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August 2018 : Mosaic Garden Sphere

I keep coming across some really neat art pieces that you can put in your garden and one of the ideas that keep buzzing in my brain are the garden spheres. Sometimes they are reflective mirror-like balls and sometimes they have mosaic or glass bead patterns.

A couple of month back I bought some glass mosaic tiles which I had no purpose for at the time. I just really liked the colours and the jar of tiles was on the discount rack so it was super cheap. Then I came across a bowling ball at the local thrift store and I knew what my next project would be. A mosaic garden sphere.

I read up a bit with some other artist who have tried this to get the right kind of glue (GE Silicon II) and started planning out some pleasing patterns with the tiles. I am always drawn to circles so of course I started with that.

Then after spraying the entire bowling ball black and filling two of the three holes with concrete I began gluing on the tiles. It took some time since I could only glue on tiles on the upper half of the ball and then I would have to wait until I could rotate the ball to work on another section. I used some glass beads as well that I bought at the dollar store. The large glass beads in the centre of each circle I also bought at the dollar store but I adjusted them by gluing decorative scrapbooking paper to the back of each to make the beads more unique looking.

Now that it is done I have a new addition to my garden. It looked awesome amongst the hostas.