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January 2019 : Mini Shelf Pole

Welcome to 2019! Although I am happy winter has finally presented us with a dumping of snow (there is no bad weather just poor clothing choices) I am missing the longer days of spring. Darkness at 4:30 can be pretty gloomy day in and day out. After creating my large garden pole back in the the summer I thought how fun would it be to create one in ceramic like the ones I have seen others posting online that look fantastic in the garden. Sadly I do not have access to a kiln. I do however have access to a toaster over.

Voila, my mini shelf totems.

Using polymer clay I created lots of small shapes using bright colours to help cheer up my dark winter house. Once baked I used a metal wire from an old coat hangar and mounted it on a small piece of wood branch from my garden. I had a lot of fun making the shapes and got to experiment without getting too stressed out trying to be clever or creative.

Since the shapes are simply thread on a wire piece I can removed them and change the order any time I want making the piece look different each time. I recommend you try this one. I plan on teaching it in my next family art class at the gallery.

Of course during my photoshoot my cat Thunder had to check it out. He is always on my art table, sleeping, trying to dump my water containers, pawing at my paint palette and getting his nose into everything.